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FREE Oakeys sweater

Hi Oakeys,

     The Oakeys are always looking to bring new players to the awesome sport of fastpitch softball. And during winter training is the very best time to bring a friend out. They can learn at a more casual pace and get to know these amazing girls and its totally free! 

     The very best way to get new players introduced to the Oakeys is by “word-of-mouth”. People get excited when hearing how passionate a person is about their hobbies and interests. We want your excitement to bring new people to this awesome game. And we want to reward that passion by giving you a free Oakeys hoodie [Est. value $50].

Every age division is looking for new players. From the Acorns [ages 5-7] through to U19. Every age and ability are welcome! 

   So bring out your friends and family members. Let’s have another great year of growth! GO OAKEYS!!


     **To be eligible for a free sweater, the player must register for the upcoming 2020 season. 

How will the Oakeys know that I brought a player out?

On the registration form, there will be a place that states “Did anyone recommend you to the Oakeys”. If your name is added in that box, you qualify for a new sweater. 
    If this is somehow missed or forgotten, please email Hi@Oakeys.ca and we can do our best to amend this. 
What if I bring more than one player out?
One option will be to gift your additional sweaters to a teammate, sibling or parent. 
Option 2: We may look at different options like gift cards for local retailers or other items. This is currently being discussed. TBD. 
Do I need to be a current player to get this offer?
     No, we want to open this offer up to everyone.
     Former players, Coaches, siblings, parents all can attest what a great sport and league this is so they are all welcome to spread the word about the Oakeys. This offer is open to everyone! 
When will I get my sweater? 
Once your friend joins the Oakeys, you will be asked what size you want. Estimated delivery will be in April 2020. 
How long is this offer available for? 
This offer will be closed in early April, shortly after the season begins. Exact date to be announced. 


  • Please inform your Coach so they can have an advance warning of the new players. 
  • Sweaters will be delivered in April 2020. 
  • The design may vary slightly. 

Need more information?
Feel free to contact us.
Information below.