Volunteer Job List: Here is the master list of who will be working during the U10 Championship Tournament

**The volunteering is for families with LTP-U19 registered players. This is a really fun tournament that the BMSA has hosted for 25 Years.

Job Descriptions: 

  • 50/50 SALES PEOPLE:  Walking around to the fans / teams and selling 50/50 tickets to be drawn twice daily. Best suited for loud and outgoing people! This job often becomes competitive between 50/50 crews!
  • ANNOUNCERS: Announcing players’ names as they go up to bat. It’s a fun job for those who want to watch the game and enjopy the microphone!


  • Outside Runner:   Running orders of hot food to customers. Restocking as needed
  • Inside runner:  Running drinks/ chips to customers. Restocking as needed
  • BBQ Cook: Being a BBQ Master (hamburgers / hot dogs / smokies)
  • Fry Cook:  Fry Boss!


  • Cart Driver:   Drive cart ***NOTE: this role can be equally divided per shift as this is the most enjoyable/easiest task on the crew. 1 hour max. Must be over 16 years old
  • Field Crew: Rake field- primarily in and around the areas where cart cannot reach | Line fields with chalk | Clean out dugouts | Refill water jugs

Parking Management:  Watch over drop off zone and equipment (max 2 minutes). Govern the Coach’s lot (no entry w/o permit). Handicap spots require permit. Keep tally of amount of cars in the lot (Post LOT FULL sign)

SCORE KEEPERS:  Experienced Scorekeepers who can count bases / keep score. Really enjoyable job while you watch the game.


  • Truck Driver:  Truck required. Max: 2 hours. Drive truck around diamonds to drop off fencing
  • Crew:  Set up/tear down fences, tarps, tables, banners, etc. | Chalk our parking stalls | Concession assembly

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