Frequently Asked Questions

1. WILL THE TEAMS BE PLAYING GAMES IN THE SUMMER OR JUST PRACTICING? Game play will start up no sooner than July 1, 2020. Initially non-competitive games will be scheduled with teams in District 6 (Burnaby, Poco, Tri Cities, Coquitlam) but later will be extended to include games with teams in Zone 4. While we don’t have an actual schedule of games as yet the return to play definitely will include game play! 

2. WILL BMSA HAVE A SAFETY PLAN SPECIFIC TO ITS FACILITIES Yes this is posted on our website and will be submitted to SBBC as part of our approval to move to Inning 3.

3. IF IT IS A SHORTENED GAME SCHEDULE WILL THERE BE A REFUND? Once we know what the actual schedule looks like the executive will review the fees. Note: At this time the BMSA is taking on the additional costs of providing PPE to support the provincial health guidelines as laid out in the ‘Back to bases’ strategic plan. 

4. WHEN I’M SIGNING A WAIVER CAN I JUST TYPE MY NAME IN THE SIGNATURE BOX? No you can print it out, sign it and scan it or use a digital signature if you have one. There must be an ‘attempt’ at a real signature. 

5. WILL THE PLAYERS HAVE TO WEAR MASKS ON THE FIELD DURING GAMES? The Back to Bases guidelines recommend that umpires wear non-medical masks on the field during game play. We recommend that coaches and players wear masks in situations where social distancing may not be possible. Wearing masks on the field is a personal choice but is not required while on offence or on defense as they will likely impede game play and will be uncomfortable in the warmer weather. Off the field players and coaches should have access to a non-medical mask for any interactions between coaches, players, spectators, or umpires. 

6. IF A PLAYER DECIDES TO PRACTICE WITH THE TEAM BUT WHEN GAME PLAY STARTS THEY DECIDE THEY ARE NOT COMFORTABLE CAN THEY STILL BE REFUNDED? Yes we will continue to refund players up until game play begins. Withdrawals may be subject to the regular administrative fees as during normal seasons. In these cases however if the player wishes to leave their registration fees with the club we will credit them the full amount for the 2021 season (which will happen!).    

7. CAN I HELP AS A PARENT? YES! More than ever we need our VOLUNTEERS! With our Return to Playing Guidelines, there are important roles to fill on every team. In order to be successful, we need committed parents for the following roles:

●Sanitizing Champion (cleaning pre/post games and practices)
● Attendance Tracker (taking names & phone numbers of ALL attendees)
● First Aid Administrator (the designated person to give first aid as needed)
● Screener (can be the same person as attendance tracker)
● Distance Monitor (to ensure proper social distancing is held on/off field)

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